Local Meal Options

Lee & Maria's locally made ready-to-cook meal options are made by the top producers in the Windsor region, known for its top quality culinary scene.

We've partnered exclusively with Green Heart Catering, Little Foot Foods, and Cara Pasta to offer ready to make meal options that your family can pair quickly with the vegetables you are already getting in your bin.

Meals come packed in a specially designed cooler bag, with an ice pack.

From the USDA - "Once food is thawed in the refrigerator, it is safe to refreeze it without cooking, although there may be a loss of quality due to the moisture lost through thawing. After cooking raw foods which were previously frozen, it is safe to freeze the cooked foods. If previously cooked foods are thawed in the refrigerator, you may refreeze the unused portion. Freeze leftovers within 3-4 days. Do not refreeze any foods left outside the refrigerator longer than 2 hours; 1 hour in temperatures above 90 °F.

If you purchase previously frozen meat, poultry or fish at a retail store, you can refreeze if it has been handled properly."

For more information on frozen foods, follow this link.

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